XHP 7 DCT Speed Flash (Stage 1/2/3)


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WorkShop Upload. Can be catered to a ECU remap to suit your hardware.

  • Includes Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 OTS Maps
  • Developed individually for your specific car
  • Faster Shifts, raised Line Pressure, adapted Shiftpoints and much more

Our Stages are developed individually per vehicle at our site. We run a huge fleet of BMW vehicles to develop and constantly improve our setups. Every setup is developed on the road under real world driving conditions.  City, Autobahn, Country Roads, Mountains and Race Tracks..it’s all nearby and crucial for testing. Our goal is always to make a car more fun to drive, in every situation.

All Stages are developed within the limits of the specific transmission! Millions of miles already driven on our setups are the best proof for the reliability of our setups and the durability of the best-in-class ZF & Getrag Auto – Transmissions used by BMW!


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