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X57 365bhp Capable Turbocharger – Fiesta ST180 – Pumaspeed Cast Turbochargers

  • Direct bolt on turbocharger,
  • UPTO 380 BHP AND 430NM
  • X57 upto 380bhp with uprated injectorS
  • Designed, cast and fully built in the UK and exclusive to Pumaspeed and their dealers
  • 7 blade extended tip billet CNC compressor wheel with cut-back exhaust side blades for high flow
  • Motorsport K04 heavy duty 360 degree thrust bearing pack assembly for increased lubrication and longevity
  • Includes all required fittings to enable direct bolt on, complete package ready to go
  • USA customer will see 350-365 whp
  • European Customers will see 335 whp (370+bhp)


To build the perfect turbocharger you must understand the desires of the customer and understand the dynamics of the engine itself. The 1.6 EcoBoost motor has no better home than Pumaspeed, with 20+ years experience, race engines being built every week to power levels of over 460bhp you couldn’t be in better hands.


The X57 series of turbochargers have been designed from the ground up with a no compromise attitude. They feature the very latest spec genuine K04 / K16 Motorsport internals and state of the art billet 7 blade extended tip CNC compressor wheels. The exhaust housing has even been manufactured from one of the most advanced materials, D5B Niresist, which is used on the bomb proof Garrett turbo range so these truly are high spec units. These turbos have been testing on road and track since late 2018 and have easily proven themselves durable and without compromise on power, reliability and response.

Fully cast in the UK and hand finished with all genuine high grade K04/16 components these custom made units come fully guaranteed to blow the competition away.

325 whp (370bhp dyno jet) and 430 nm of torque!
Is the new X57 entry model turbo too good for the stock fuel system?
There are many customers asking us for safe maps, in fact the number one question we have  is, ‘Can my stock engine handle this power?’, ever happy to answer, we took a descision to build the first in the new V57 map structure around the stock injector flow limits and dial in sensible boost limits and let the power find its own happy level.
The Fiesta ST has weaknesses in the gearbox and various other hardware areas, all these had to be taken into account when mapping, so with almost all MAXD-OUT maps we prefer to keep the torque at around 420nm or 310lb ft.
Maximum Boost : 1.62 (23psi of boost) (Stock Boost is 1.55)
Maximum Power : 365bhp at 6600rpm
Maximum Torque  : 300lb ft at 4000rpm
Air Fuel Ratio : set at 11.5:1 on stock fuel pump and injectors
All Power Measurements were made on Courtney Sport Dyno Jet dyno on Ford Fiesta 2017 ST200 with less than 20k miles

Whats the next step for this set up?
The simple answer is add extra fuel, by using the larger set of Bosch injectors. With another 30% more flow we know the X57 will be able to boost a little higher and add a little more ignition and show it’s true potential

The X57 was designed to be made is a few different internal sizes to suit various power requirements.

Please select the unit that most suits your application and hardware already fitted to the vehicle.

X57 Turbo Specifications

         X57-12 Blade X58EVO2 Blade
 BHP Rating   360-385 390-430
     Spool Time    ( Revs at 1 Bar / 14.5 psi )          2400 2750


Turbo and Power Sizing Made Easy.

A fully Forged and Linered Block ( Pumaspeed Blue Top Engine ) is not essential,  415 bhp has been achieved on a totally Stock motor in the UK and 410 whp on USA spec Fiesta ST. However for repeated track and motorsport use above 380bhp ( U.K. bhp rating ) the limits of the stock Rod and Piston combination is very questionable, so we do advise these are swapped for engine longevity.

  Engine Requirements   X-57-12 Blade X-58EVO-9 Blade
 BHP Rating (Fuel Compression & Revs Dependent) 365-385 390-430
 Power Band on the Road  ( Torque above 340nm ) 2500-7850 2900-8000
 Forged Engine Not Essential RECOMMENDED
 Injectors / Uprated Fuel System Kit RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED
 Full Height Intercooler   YES YES
 Large Boost Pipe Kit YES YES
 Full Induction Kit YES YES
 R-Sport Cross Over and Silicone YES YES
 Solid Single Mass Flywheel  (8000+ revs) RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED
 TurboSmart 10 PSI Actuator YES YES
 Turbo Back Exhaust system YES YES

Some extra features you may want to know.

The exhaust housing is custom made in the UK from the highest grade materials to ensure not only just the perfect fitment everytime, but the strength to run upwards of 400bhp!

All fittings are supplied to mean this is a direct bolt on to your existing setup, including all lines and silicone intake elbow which fits to all aftermarket crossover pipes.


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