ST170 280mm Rear Brake Calliper Carriers


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  • Brand new ST170 280mm calliper bracket to space the OE calliper

A very popular brake conversion for the rear axle on the Fiesta ST180 is to add a set of 280mm rear discs from a Focus ST170 and a set of ST170 calliper carrier brackets. This combination has been used for many years on the ST150 and the newer ST180. It works very well to add the perfect brake balance and it looks way better than the tiny 254mm stock rear discs.

What do we supply?

1 x Pair of brand new rear calliper carriers inc all new slider pins and rubber boots

Bargain Priced! (The price of the brand new calliper carriers alone is over 100 pounds each from Ford)
Direct fitment to all stock 17 inch Fiesta ST wheels and most aftermarket 15 inch wheels.


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