ST Suspensions ST XTA Coilover Suspension Kit


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  • Latest damping technology for maximum longevity
  • Reduced system friction for effective damping adjustment
  • Individual lowering within the TÜV-tested adjustment range
  • Front and rear axle (when possible) with thread adjustment
  • Galvanized coilover struts with additional coating for an optimized corrosion protection
  • Complete solution with adjustable spring plate, race spring system and bumpers with dust protection
  • Aluminium adjustable uniball top mounts (when possible)
  • Scaled camber adjustment (optionally also caster)
  • Externally adjustable damping

These are perfect for all conditions !
Track use, Road use, Fully adjustable ride height !

Absolute give away price for coil over suspension.
From the makers of KW suspension using the same dampers inside the the struts

Never heard of ST Suspensions ?
ST Suspension are part of the KW suspension group, a high quality German manufacturer who pride themselves on offering high quality, well engineered suspension solutions at an affordable price.

Manufactured by KW in Germany, the ST XTA coilover is the ultimate handling solution for the Fiesta ST platform. Each coilover benefits from a low-friction, pressure-resistant housing matched with a chrome-plated piston rod for maximum reliability in ALL driving conditions. In addition to this, ST coilovers are built to meet the strict German TÜV standard of lowering allowing the Fiesta ST to be adjusted to its lowest setting without compromising its drivability and safety.

What is included ?
This kit includes four pre-set gas assisted dampers with bright zinc plated bodies matched with four uprated ST springs. A special adjusting spanner is also included (required for adjusting the spring seats).

The handling
This kit features pre-set damping which has been engineered to give a firmer, sporty character whilst retaining the suppleness required for road use. The ride height is fully adjustable and can be set up to suit your taste. Reduced ride height will reduce body roll and allow faster cornering.


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