Pumaspeed Racing ST200 Plus Uprated Clutch


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  • 8% Larger Surface Area vs Stock ST200
  • OEM Fitment
  • Fits both ST180 and ST200
  • Stage 3 certified to over 400bhp
  • Perfect for hybrid turbo builds

New to the Pumaspeed Racing brand is the first of a new line of uprated clutches to suit the Fiesta ST180 and ST200.

Get a clutch capable of dealing with all hybrid/aftermarket turbos levels of power (300-400bhp) whilst maintaining the stock pedal feel and without paying main dealer prices!

What is the difference between this and the Stock ST180 and ST200 clutches?

The Pumaspeed Racing clutch has an 8% larger friction material contact area, think of this very much like adding a wider tyre to your wheels for more grip to the road when running big power.

The ST200 is supplied with an already upgraded pressure plate from factory to cope with additional torque and power, hence this being a popular upgrade for ST180 owners, our ST200 Plus clutch also retains this pressure plate to ensure this is the ultimate when it comes to upgraded clutches.

Tried and tested by Pumaspeed this unit has no problems dealing with your Fiesta ST’s power and torque levels, with over 500 units now sold, you can buy with confidence that this clutch will cope with everything you can throw at it.

The OEM Ford flywheel will work in perfect harmony with this new clutch to create a pedal feel no different to a stock ST Fiesta meaning stop-start traffic isn’t such a painful experience unlike some other competitor uprated clutch packages.

In stock and available for fitting within a 3 hour window, call to book in!

Finished in Race Red to give your transmission internals a fantastic look.

Is there a bedding in procedure?

It is important that a bedding in procedure is followed after installing this clutch – we strongly recommend approximately 500 miles of normal driving to bed this clutch in, heat cycles are important to ensure the correct bedding in procedure is followed or else you run the risk of bypassing this procedure, causing the clutch to slip, leading to premature wear. Pumaspeed takes no responsibility for clutches that haven’t had a full bedding in procedure followed.


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