Pumaspeed Racing Fiesta ST200 Plus Uprated Clutch


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  • 8% Larger Surface Area vs Stock and ST200
  • OEM Fitment
  • Fits both ST180 and ST200
  • Stage 3 Certified

The Pumaspeed Racing ST200 Plus clutch has been a great success with very over 150 sold in 2020 alone, but for those on a slight budget and with a Pressure plate that still has plenty of life left we can offer the unique and uprated Centre Plate Only

What is the difference between this and the Stock ST and ST200 clutches
The Pumaspeed Racing clutch has an 8% larger friction material contact area, so its very much like adding a wider tyre to the wheels for more grip. See the Second and Third image for the example of the size difference.

Tried and tested by Pumaspeed this unit has no problems dealing with your Fiesta ST’s power and torque levels.

The OEM Ford flywheel will work in perfect harmony with this new clutch to create a pedal feel no different to a stock ST Fiesta meaning stop-start traffic isn’t such a painful experience unlike some other competitor uprated clutch packages.

Please be aware that from new a stock OE Clutch will last from 50k miles to around 70k miles. Very normally the flywheel and pressure plate are still perfectly ok to run again if its not been used heavily on track.

In stock and available for fitting within a 3 hour window, call to book in !


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