Pumaspeed Puma ST Rear Motor Mount V2

  • CNC Machined from Billet 6061 Aluminium
  • Large centre bush to absorb vibration
  • Unique ‘Click to fit’ Large Bush that locates into grooves to stop excessive movement
  • Improved traction and minimised wheel hop
  • Laser etched Pumaspeed logo


The UKs Number 1 Motor Mount for the Puma ST and Mk8 ST Fiesta, fully tried and tested to the MAX.

The brand new V2 Pumaspeed Ford Puma ST Rear Motor Mount is the best way to minimise engine movement, improve traction, and reduce wheel hop without a major impact to NVH, all for a fantastic price !


The V2 mount has been extensively developed on our X37 300bhp ST Mk8 demo car, alongside another 3 customer cars around the world. Tested across the last 12 months, our 300bhp Fiesta ST Mk8 has been in daily use clocking up over 13,000 miles with this motor mount fitted, including 6 track days, a trip across to the Nurburgring in Germany and endless full throttle launches to ensure absolute confidence in this new motor mount.

Typical bushing designs can rattle and vibrate at idle or during throttle input. The new V2 Precision CNC Machined Pumaspeed Ford Puma Rear Motor Mount utilises a unique exacting CNC design with a choice of two unique ‘click to fit’ bush setups to suit your requirements.

– The road spec bush creates very little internal cabin noise in comparison to other brands, offering an engine mount you can easily live with on your daily driver.

– The competition spec bush offers the maximum reduction in engine movement for competition and track day use, giving the greatest gains in handling and performance.

Reducing engine movement aids getting all the power to the ground and lowers quarter mile times. Perfect for your Puma ST whether it’s running stock power or the incredible Maxd Out 1R power and torque levels.


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