Pumaspeed Fiesta ST Block Mod Kit


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  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Shims.
  • Stops the Block Deck Movement.

Pumaspeed have been pushing the limits of the 1.6 EcoBoost motor since 2013, and although very reliable over 300 bhp, the time spent modifying the engines has shown a small but quite serious weakness that if not corrected could result in damage to the Deck of the Block.

Ford have designed the EcoBoost well but the addition of a small groove into the deck in between each Piston and the lack of the liner to travel to the very top of the block has resulted in many high mileage or hard abused cars to oval the deck. To stop this ovaling, we employ the same process as the Volvo 5 Cylinder Engine and insert one of these Shims into this groove. This will stop the Deck movement and the premature head Gasket failure.


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