Milltek Sport Fiesta ST180 Hi Flow Sport Cat 200 cell


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Milltek Sport Fiesta ST180 Hi Flow Sport Cat 200 cell – MilltekSport Catalysts

  • Class Quality and Guarantee of the Milltek Sport Brand.
  • Will not bring Engine light on.
  • Essential for maximum performance.
  • Removes restrictive Pipework.
  • Will not cause drone at Motorway Speeds.
  • Fitting kit included.


Release the flow from the new Mk7 Fiesta ST180 Ecoboost engine.

The original Catalyst and Downpipe on the New Fiesta Mk7 ST180 Ecoboost are made in one piece. This new one piece design features a simple restrictive Catalyst and less than optimum exit Bore. Enhance the flow rate of the Borg Warner Turbocharger and increase power with the new Milltek Sport High Flow Downpipe and Sport Catalyst.

The larger 70mm Bore size of the new Milltek Sport 200 cell Sport Catalyst Downpipe has 40% more capacity, it will add flow and power to any New 2013 spec Fiesta ST180.

Must be fitted with the Milltek Sport Cat-back system and requires a Stage 2 ECU remap.

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