Lufi X1 Revolution OBD2 Scan Gauge


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  • Monitor crucial sensor readings
  • Read and clear fault codes
  • Fully customisable colour screen
  • Performance timing including 0-60 and 1/4 mile
  • Easy DIY install

Brand new from Lufi is the incredible X1 Revolution OBD2 scan gauge, dash display and fault code reader.

Simply plug it into your OBD2 diagnostic port and it can display most of your vehicle parameters available from your cars ECU. The gauge itself is able to display the parameters listed below. However, some parameters may not be available dependent on data available on your ecu and gauge compatibility.

– Average Speed Speed


– Engine oil temperature

– Water temperature

– Intake air temperature

– Exhaust temperature

– Battery voltage

– Time

– Engine run time

– Turbo/Intake pressure

– Engine load

– Short term fuel correction (Cylinder 1)

– Long term fuel correction (Cylinder 1)

– O2 Sensor voltage

– Ignition timing


– Throttle pedal position

– Fuel consumption

– Average fuel consumption

– Outside temperature (Only specific models)

– Accelerate (M/S)

The Lufi X1 OBD2 tool can also read and clear DTC engine trouble codes. You can also time your 0 to 60 times, 0 to 100 times and 1/4 mile times.

Easy DIY install and use.

Please Note: Your car MUST have an OBD socket and be OBD2 compliant to be compliant with the Lufi X1.

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