Locking Nut Kit for DZX Spacers


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  • Keep your valuable wheels safe
  • Available in Black or Chrome
  • Full set of 4 wheel nuts and Locking Key

The New Pumaspeed Designed DZX Locking Wheels nuts will fit in place of the DZX wheels nuts already supplied by ST Suspensions.

These new locking type will secure each wheel with a unique key which is something that has never been available before.

The DZX spacers are very popular, with a 12.5mm addition on each wheel are perfect for almost all stock wheels, if you are considering DZX spacers but worried about the security of your expensive wheels then Pumaspeed has the answer with these unique locking wheel nuts to suit the innovative DZX spacer design.

Available in both black and silver you can be sure they will suit your wheels whether they be stock Ford or aftermarket.

Supplied as a full set of 4 plus 1 locking wheel nut key.


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