King Conrod Bearings


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  • Race Applicable Bearings from Leading Supplier King Race
  • Class Leading Bi Metal OE Replacements Bearings
  • Race Spec Tri Metal Bearings Upgrade Available for Big Power
  • Lower Bearing Wide Design Tri Metal Unrivalled by Any Other Bearings
  • Used in our Blue Top Race Built Crate Engines
  • In Stock and Available To Order TODAY

We supply 8 Tri Metal bearings to suit the 1.6 EcoBoost engine. Bi Metal and Tri metal lower and upper bearings are used in cohesion to create the perfect set to make up your ST180 engine, whether you’re recreating an OE block or if you’re making a high power 400bhp beast. The options for this product allow you to choose the appropriate bearing for your build according to the power output of your engine. The OE bearings are good for a lower powered car, such as a Stage 1 or Stage 2 car, and the Race Spec bearings are ideal for a big turbo car or a Red top or Blue top engine.

They are what we use in our race car as they’re simply the best of the best. Order online today.


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