Intake Elbow for X-Series Hybrid Turbo


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  • Price reduced by over £35!
  • The ONLY Turbo Elbow designed in conjunction with X-series turbos
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Direct OE Replacement
  • Now available in Satin Black finish

The Original Fiesta ST180 Stock Black Plastic Turbo Elbow has a very small internal diameter, approx 38mm but our Pumaspeed X-37/X-47 Billet Hybrid Turbochargers for the ST180 Fiesta have a much larger inlet throat size of 43mm, with the X47R having an even larger internal diameter of 46mm. This new Pumaspeed handmade Stainless Steel Turbo Elbow eliminates any flow restriction by matching the size of the inlet on the the new turbo which smooths out any restriction and allows for the full power to be obtained. We recommend this for all Hybrid Turbochargers. Item is available in Satin Black or Stainless finish.

(The New X-47R Billet Hybrid has proven power of over 345 bhp)

Customers that wish to use this or any form of Stainless Steel or Alloy inlet elbow on the stock turbo can do so quite happily but there will be zero gains from  any brand of unit as the inlet port on the stock turbo is still very small and the original Ford unit tapers very gradually, all aftermarket units stop at a very hard 38mm to 43mm joint so air flow is not smooth.


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