DZX Ford 4×108 5×108 Universal Wheel Spacer Kit +25mm


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  • Hubcenric location for absolute safety and precision
  • Made from High-Strength Aircraft-Aluminium Alloy

This revolutionary spacer kit from KW will add 12.5mm of width at each corner of the Ford 4×108 and 5×108 platform cars including Fiesta ST, Focus ST and Focus RS. A total track width increase of 25mm which is perfect for the new Focus RS Mk3 and almost all Ford models.

The new spacer range by ST, the idea was to come up with a spacer that was not only more technically focused, but that would cut down on the amount of article numbers a dealer would need to keep in stock. With the new DZX and AZX range we are able to achieve both these goals and more. This allows the customer now to really fine tune their track.

The new spacer package for the Mk3 Focus RS is designed to bring out the OEM wheels to fill the arches, the kit consists of 4×12.5mm spacer discs and 4 of the new revolutionary ST adapters which helps eliminate wheel wobble with its near perfect centring ability. As all Fords use a stud fitment the kit includes our innovative shaft nuts allowing easy fitment.


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