Dreamscience Focus ST Mk4 Cold Air Intake System – Focus ST Mk4 2.3T

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Dreamscience Focus ST Mk4 Cold Air Intake System – Dreamscience

  • 76mm pipework finished in shiny gloss black
  • Dreamscience dry charge filter
  • Includes heat shield
  • 76mm pipework finished in shiny gloss black
  • Dreamscience dry charge filter
  • Includes heat shield
  • The Dreamscience Cold Air Intake system is truly a revolutionary kit designed to extract maximum performance of your FOCUS ST MK4 – 2.3L engine. The only 76mm kit currently on the market engineered to a superior finish. Here at Dreamscience, product development is a large part of our heritage. This kit like the many before, has been designed not just to replace the OEM intake, but to provide a system with maximum airflow efficiency. Our intakes are designed and developed in house by engineers with PHD level qualifications in physics with over decade of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance intake systems. Using our state-of-the-art four-wheel drive Mustang dyno, the latest live data logging software, CAD designs software to carry out multiple CFD analysis’s, we have now created and finalised the new Dreamscience Focus ST intake. As a tuning company, our key interest is creating an intake platform that allows for maximum performance to be extracted from aftermarket software, and also performs excellently with the standard software.

    Fords complex design of the Focus ST MK4 intake does not allow for a direct straight route to the turbo. Therefore, any aftermarket system will include inevitable “bends” and “indents” to fit correctly. We specifically designed our system to have aviation grade aluminium on the bends as much as possible instead of silicone. From a manufacturing perspective, this decision was more expensive, but very essential in order minimise airflow turbulence and resistance. Allowing for faster flowing cold air, following the most efficient route to the turbo. We’ve avoided using any unnecessary acute or right-angle bends in the design, again to maximise airflow efficiency. We have made uniform pipe size throughout, avoided using expansion chambers like in some others kits. An expansion chamber can cause part throttle flat spots and hesitation. To avoid low speed heat soak, no part of our kit is between the radiator and block.

    Our kit comes with a 76mm top pipe that connects with a straight silicone joiner to the 76mm secondary pipe (Allowing for reduced air turbulence at the connecting point). We specifically use a “drop down “silicone hose connecting our kit the turbo, simulating a “Venturi” design, helping accelerate air to the turbo. Creating expansion and compression of the air molecules causing the pressure inside the hose to change – providing more convenient final air vs temperature vs pressure delivery to the turbo. Thus, creating a unique power delivery with a turbo note/ chatter that sounds excellent. *As shown in the product image*

    Designed for standard, partially and fully modified cars. In all cases, this upgrade will make a noticeable difference to the overall performance and sound of the engine no matter the stage of your vehicle.


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