Bolt on Garrett GTX2860R Turbo Kit


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  • Stock Location, Direct Bolt-on
  • GTX2860 with Internal Wastegate
  • V-band Flanged Stock Manifold to GT Turbo Adapter
  • Stock Downpipe Compatible
  • Stock Placement Intake Pipe Compatible. (Adapter elbow provided)
  • New Steel Braided Oil Feed and Coolant Lines provided
  • Fits Stock Oil Drain Tube
  • High Flow Charge Air Pipe included


The Garrett GT series of Turbocharger are known as the most compact and powerful available. With many size and power options available, it makes perfect sense for the GT and GTX 2860 series of turbos to be used to increase flow and power on the new sport compact Fiesta. Why not combine this turbo and the new MAXD GTX series remapping at AJ Motorsport

The GTX2860 is the largest version of stock location Turbo on offer, it will spool up around 3000 revs with suitable remapping and could deliver well over 350 bhp with all suitable Pumaspeed hardware and software in place..

The stock engine has proved itself on our track cars to over 350 bhp with no reliability issues.


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