Athena Head Gasket


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  • Higher Quality than OE.
  • Extra thickness.

Athena MLS Head gaskets consist of 2-5 layers of Steel sheets of different compositions and covered by an Elastomer layer that gives excellent sealing properties.

Raised Beadings around the combustion chambers and oil/coolant passages increase the local sealing pressure (Macro sealing) whilst full-surface or partial Elastomer coatings provide additional tightness (Micro Sealing).

Thanks to their composition, Athena Gaskets considerably increase the Sealing and Injection pressure to the lowest Engine Head Bolt tension and guarantee better reliability and performance.

Manufacturing Process

Athena MLS Gaskets are manufactured from high grade 301 Stainless Steel. Each layer is individually formed using a State of the Art laser cutter and embossed with an optimised formation process. All Head Gaskets go through a stress relieving process to significantly reduce forming induced stress.

Gasket Coating

All Athena Gaskets receive a two part Polymer coating applied after stress relieving to the outer layers, providing no break in the coating. This coating ensures the Micro Seal properties of the Gasket for engine oils/coolant, and that it is able to withstand a variety of harsh environments caused by engine heat cycles.

Gas Stopper Technology 

Athena Gas Stopper technology is a key design feature of Athena MLS Gaskets. The Stainless Steel Fiesta Stlastopper layer features an “active fold” which delivers a high pressure seal around the Cylinder Bore when tightening the Cylinder Head. The gas stopper / active fold is located around the Combustion Chamber, allowing Cylinder Head and Engine Block to clamp tighter, helping to prevent gases leaking from the Combustion Chamber.


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