3J NXG Plated LSD Differential


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  • The Ultimate in road holding
  • Total Control Total Grip.

New and in Stock for immediate supply or fitting.
The NEW next generation 3J NXG differential is the real deal for all track fans who want the ultimate in power to the ground.
Fully tested in our Red Rocket Demo car with over 340 GTX bhp. This Fully Plated Diff will pull you around the corners with no loss of traction or inside wheel spin.

The 3J plate pack always run with 8 active surfaces, even in  lighter settings, giving maximum surfaces and surface area contact during use. Our new pre-load spacer helps generate the pre-load. Rather than just have the 2 or 3 settings of other units, we can ‘fine tune’ to particular pre-load settings complemented with our choice of ramps, to get the perfect LSD set up for you. The Bevel and planet gear pack has been designed to be the smoothest mesh, biggest and strongest tooth profile that we have ever been involved with. Eliminating the rattle, and excessive back lash of other units.


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